Top 5 Best Sandals for Plantar fasciitis

Being one of the most common causes of heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that affects millions of men and women globally today. The pain is usually as a result of the inflammation of the ligament tissue at the bottom of one’s feet. This foot condition is caused when one continuously rolls his feet with every step they take. Factors which contribute to this rolling of feet include weakened foot structure, weight gain, pregnancy, increase in physical activities and even tight foot muscles.

Discussed below are the top 5 unisex Plantar Fasciitis sandals to enable people suffering from the condition to walk comfortably without feeling any pain on their feet:


OOFOS is a brand that is known for producing shoes that are best fit for people with various foot conditions. The Unisex Slide Sandal is one that is specifically designed to relieve pain in the heel. Its footbed is textured in such a manner that it takes off pressure off your feet as you go about your activities. Other features include a cushioned footbed for a bouncy feel, a silky synthetic upper for a soft feel, and a padded interior to make the shoe long-lasting.


This brand of sandals not only provides comfortable Plantar Fasciitis sandals but also makes them stylish as well. Their soles are specially designed to provide maximum arch support. This curved design naturally contours one’s feet and gives you the feeling that you aren’t wearing shoes at all!
Its footbed is made from EVA and the microfiber cover provides extra stability and cushioning. It is one of the best sandals for walking outside, see this article


Birkenstock Arizona unisex sandals are undoubtedly the most common open-toe sandals available on the market. The supportive footbeds have been proven to be most favorable to people with Plantar Fasciitis. These shoes have a classic silhouette and a soft leather upper. The heels are cupped just right so as to distribute one’s body weight equally. This feature takes off all the pressure from your plantar fascia hence relieves pain. This is one of the best shoes for your home usage, as it is super comfortable, and cozy – read here


These are another pair of shoes designed with deep heels to provide foot support. The arch support is also compression-molded to distribute the foot and body weight evenly. Other features include shock absorption and lateral stability. Wearers of this brand have claimed that they felt no pain after wearing this pair of shoes the previous day.


The Vionic Unisex Sandal has features which would be great for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. It has a cushy insole that provides friction and therefore holds your foot in place. The heel is also slightly cupped for equal weight distribution. This relieves pressure from your feet, getting rid of any pain. Other features include shock absorbers and a flexible midsole. Listed as the best sandals for plantar fasciitis by


The kind of footwear one has is significant since this plays a major role in the overall health of our feet. Wearing shoes that don’t properly fit could either cause the development of foot conditions or worsen a condition that you already have. It is therefore recommended that you take time to figure out what kind of feet you have so as to make proper choices when buying shoes.