Top 10 Best House Slippers for Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors call for appropriate maintenance since these floors are so exquisite stylish and expensive too; hence to keep wear down and scratches minimum, it’s significant to pay more attention. Shoes such as high heels should be avoided on hardwood floors because they act as tiny hammers and, as a result, cause dents on the floor. Hardwood floors aren’t comfy, particularly during the colder seasons. Thus one will crave warmth from slippers to keep their feet comfortable. While choosing a pair of sandals, it’s advisable to go for rubber-based or soft slippers. These type of slippers provides the right amount of grip on the floor hence preventing the user from sliding because hardwood floors are slippery. Also, this type of sandals causes’ minimum wear on the wood floor.



By far, this is one of the best hardwood floor slipper offered in the market. These slippers contain a wool blend faux fur interior that make it appear stylish. Sometimes we fall on the first impression, and it’s no different as Sorel men’s slippers will make anyone like them. Sorel slippers are made entirely of leather, which means that they provide adequate durability, flexibility and breathing. It also offers comfort. They are easy to wear, stylish and appealing indoor slippers and they provide warmth during cold weather. However they are not recommendable during hot weather and for men with sweaty feet they bring discomfort.


Without no doubt this is one of the best slippers avaiable. Women are known for the great taste of beautiful products .these indoor slippers are impressive, and they are worth to be invested. UGG slippers have sheepskin material which coincidentally matches hardwood floor. They are comfortable and makes your indoor movement smooth and flawless for example if you need to dash to the bedroom . Their EVA outer sole is warm, soft, and flexible. They have flex grooves on the forefoot, which are functional as they enhance comfort. UGG are of high quality; hence they are durable due to their EVA outer sole and sheepskin upper; thus, they serve for the long term. Their study and soft outer sole don’t harm the floor; hence the floor will retain its shiny and smooth surface. However, when buying UGG, be keen and buy from a reliable order from online stores to avoid getting a fake quality.


It is of considerable significance while buying these slippers to know their brand reliability, but its no doubts bob sketchers are known for their competency. They are sweater knit; hence they are flexible and breathable. They are comfortable and feels good on foot while worn. During the chilly days, they provide warmth on your foot. They have a favorable trend; thus, chances of slipping is very minimal hence protecting your feet from hardwood surface. They come with a rubber sole, which is durable. They also have a three-inch heel, which gives the user a girly look indoors.


Men like functionality and simplicity; hence Tamarac slippers are favorite to many because of their simple design. They have a wide opening which enables wearing quickly. Tamarac has cowhide skin material, which provides a lot of comforts. Comfort features in Tamarac slippers are rubber and memory foam insole. They are also best for all-weather and also designed in a manner that cleaning them is easy.


They have an appealing look. The lining and coral fleece upper feels comfy on the feet. They are not only indoor footwear; but also outdoors. They have a memory form cushion that avails sufficient shock absorption to the user despite their weight. However, they are not the most durable slippers.


These slippers can be used either outdoor or indoors hence no restrictions, mainly when they are doing chores. They have a memory foam interior that clasps your feet to keep them warm. They are not for cold seasons only since the memory foam slippers are fitting as best summer slippers. They are easy to wear and flexible slippers. However, they contain a particular chemical smell which wears off over time.


Isotoner slippers have wide feet and have a bottom that accommodates any size of the feet. Isotoner slippers made of fabric material hence are comfortable and can be worn in different weather conditions. There is a free flow of air within the slippers that keep the feet dry, which is facilitated by the fabric material the Isotoner slippers made from. Unlike other materials, the fabric absorbs moisture and sweat, resulting in comforting. However, they are not comfortable for individuals with narrow feet. The rubber sole in different types of slippers cant compares themselves to synthetic sore in terms of walking comfort.


They contain a fabric upper that does not have the effect of irritating your skin. Cozy slippers are waterproof bedroom slippers; hence they can be used either outdoors or indoors. They have a rubber sore that contains an anti-skid feature to grip the hardwood floor as well as tiles, thus preventing slipping. They are available in different shades; therefore, one can match them with the floor or even favorite clothing.


They have a smooth upper and three layers of memory foam and sponge to provide maximum absorption of shock in your feet. They have a flexible rubber sole that adds more flexibility and comfort to facilitate your feet with the relaxation they need. They also have non-slip features and stitched wool and faux suede that gives vital support. However, their insole feels fluffy and soft hence not durable.


They have a barber lining and a memory cushion, which facilitates the hugging effect on the feet. Arch support and raised heel features provide extra comfort and support. They are easy to maintain and are comfortable to wear. However, for customers with narrow feet complain of their width. The Acorn forest mule is not suitable for outdoor.


The above article contains ten types of sleepers that are appropriate for a wooden floor. I hope that this article will be educative.

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